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How To Make The Most Out Of Guitar Lessons

In this blog I'll be explaining the best ways to make progress when you have a guitar teacher.

  1. Regular practise. Practise is the only way you'll get better as a guitarist! Unfortunately you cannot get better unless you put the work in. But thankfully a guitar teacher will tell you exactly what you need to practise! Little and often is the best way to improve. If you can find 15 minutes a day and stay consistent, you'll make massive gains!

  2. Ask questions. Don't hold back during lessons, if you have any questions or are unsure about anything, your guitar teacher is there to help. I know from experience that I'm really glad when students ask me questions, because I can help them out even more!

  3. Have fun! Playing guitar is all about having fun, so don't see it as a chore - Use the skills you're learning in lessons to learn your favourite riffs and licks, because that's why you started in the first place!

Hopefully this blog helps you get the most out of your lessons. If you are not taking guitar lessons and you live in Worthing, get in touch with me and let's book a free taster session to get you started! :)

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